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One the spam filter missed

Spam filters aren't 100% accurate. Most of the spam I get gets tossed, but some stuff makes its way through. Most of the time I just delete it, but once in a rare while, something comes along that has some intrinsic humor value (at least in my sick & twisted mind). Thus:
You like fucking kids, aren’t you? Young flash, first sexual experience, remember yourself. We can offer you EVERYTHING! We are the HOTTEST site-club in internet on the given subject. We are the BEST. Nobody’s better! You are lucky and if you have got to us - spend this money, do not stint - believe you will not be disappointed !!! Believe, we are not greedy for gain - we shall receive only $20 from your money - the rest goes to the intermediaries and those who charges your cards :( Now it is very difficult to work - consider that we work exclusively on the altruistic basis - for idea :) [links removed] Our site consists of two parts - exclusive - photos by our order and nonexclusive - which our workers search in conferences, guest books and spread in our member zone. We are trying to do our best ! You can waste more than 12 hours every day looking for hot porn, BUT!: 1. It’s rather dangerous. 2. Sitting a long time looking at your computer is harmful to your eyes. 3. You don’t know where in WWW nice pix could be. You know hardly 0.01 part our experts know. We have access to 2 closed FTP - servers where hot pedofiles meet and get their content. And we are the only guys who offer these pics and movies to customers. Our support team is strong enough, we can solve all the problem in less then one hour. Our server is very quick and safe - we don’t write and store log-files, so nobody on Earth will know you got there. VPN (Virtual Private Network) for our clients is 10 times cheaper than you can get anywhere, you can read about details in member zone. That’s all I wanted to say. We strongly recommend you to get registered at our site to estimate true worth of our work. You wouldn’t be disappointed, believe me! p.s now we have only soft face but all hard cantent you find in our members zone !

All your base are belong to us!

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