Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Virtual farming?

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (June 7, 2004) - Bold Games, a unit of Destineer, and
Gabriel Entertainment announce John Deere American Farmer, a PC CD-ROM
simulation game in which players create, build and manage a successful
farm. John Deere American Farmer is the first computer game licensed by
Deere & Company, the world's leading manufacturer of agricultural
equipment. The game will be available at most mass merchant retailers
nationwide, as well as participating John Deere dealers, by late June 2004.
"John Deere American Farmer lets players grow their own successful farm
and use actual John Deere equipment, the most recognizable brand of
equipment in the farming community," according to Destineer CEO Paul
Rinde. "It's the most authentic farming experience available besides working
the fields yourself." John Deere American Farmer is conceptually
similar to other simulation games that give players an overhead view of the
game environment. Players decide what crops to plant, livestock to
raise, employees to hire, equipment to purchase and structures to build.
Plagues, weather, market trends, employee skill level and more will play
a role as you make decisions that determine the success of your farm.
"We wanted to create a game that was both fun for the players and
realistic in terms of the equipment they could use," said Gabriel
Entertainment President Mike Root. "Deere & Company was enthusiastic right from
the start. Gamers will really enjoy the challenge of creating and
running a working farm and John Deere enthusiasts will love seeing the
equipment they use in a computer simulation game," Root said. Jeff Gredvig,
Director, Licensed Merchandise for Deere & Company said the company is
excited about the educational game because it provides a unique way to
learn more about the importance of agriculture in the U.S. economy. "It
also is an opportunity to understand the significant role farmers play
in the production of food and in feeding the world, while allowing
players to simulate a role in that process and have fun doing it." More
information about John Deere American Farmer is available at:

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