Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Watching "Joe Schmo 2" on MTV. Normally I'm not enamored of reality TV, but this show is bloody hilarious. As it turns out, all but two of the participants are actors. There are truly moments of brilliance as a parody of dating shows.

Could this recent bump of fake-reality TV shows be signing the death knell for reality TV? I mean, when a concept is embraced so thoroughly by all of the networks that it saturates the airwaves enough to inspire multiple parody shows, can the end be far away?

On one hand, reality shows are cheap to produce. At least relative to elaborate scripted shows. A reality show may be a couple thousand per episode, compared to hundreds of thousands or even millions. I mean, most of the commercials shown during the show have bigger budgets than each episode. That's not something that the networks are going to ignore.

But if people in general are getting tired of reality TV as it exists, then something else needs to come in to take its place.


If you were called upon to come up with The Next Big Thing in TV shows, what would it be?
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