Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Penelope Pureheart

Atrocious headache this morning, which forced me into a bedspinning sleep-in for about 20 minutes. We have mold in the conference room-- I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not, but there is some sinus issue along with the headache, so it could be.

I have discovered through some interesting circumstances that I can indeed do some fairly complex editing on the laptop. I do need some better capture hardware to make it sound as good as I'd like, but for the meantime it will do.

Right now I'm mostly writing scripts anyway. At least on the filmmaking end. More of my time is spent dealing with house construction and remodeling issues, which is what I get for buying an old house as-is. Not complaining-- I like the work, when I have the time and money to do it. It's good honest labor, and the end result is very nice and worth the time and effort put into it. But trying to coordinate planning from down here is a little tough.

Since Bryan has been up to the house periodically, he has offered to do a lot of the preliminary work, like tear-out of the stuff that's getting replaced. And from what I understand, he's done a marvelous job; I haven't been up to see it yet, but the breezeway roof is gone, along with the back deathtrap-deck, the fence along the alley, and the ugly rotting platform that had no real purpose that I could discern.
Of course, now it has become uber-obvious that the yard needs to be tilled and landscaped. And that's also going to mean adding some drainage so the yard doesn't pool with the melting snow, and the runnoff from the gutters has a place to go.
If I'm lucky, I might be able to capitalize on the old storm drain system that was on the house when it was built. At one point, there were drain lines on the downspouts that tied into the outgoing sewer line. No, I kid you not-- the two on the north side of the house are still there; we discovered that they actually drain into the sewer line after having to power-snake out a root clog. And I'm betting that the ones on the south side are still there, just buried under some dirt. Barb found a picture of the house when it was only a few years old and they were quite visible, so I'm betting that they haven't been removed in any great capacity.
Then again, that's more than a weekend's worth of work. Just the tilling and digging will take a couple of days, and that's assuming I have the stamina to handle many hours at a shot.
This coming week is primarily carpentry, with a little electrical and roofing thrown in for a good mix. Saturday will be mostly prep work; setting up the worksite, installing A/C, (re)building the shelter, stuff like that. Sunday is when the meat work begins. Assuming I can work straight through Thursday, that leaves five solid days to do all the work, then it's off to Convergence on Friday.
I think it's do-able.

Relationship issues still plague my existence. I suppose they are to be expected. I'm really only about two months into a breakup that has not been a clean break by any means. In a way, a clean break is easier. There is a definite event that you can work from. This one is more of an oozing. We're trying to maintain a level of friendship, which is hard considering the depth of feeling that we've had for each other in the past. I think we can do it, because it's really more that we've grown apart rather than grown together. She has different needs/wants than I do. And some of the things that make us happy are radically different.
I am sad about that. It should have been better. We should have grown together, but we didn't. And I can't change any of that now.

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