Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Remote e-mail posting

The only thing that I don't like about posting by e-mail is that I can't set any of the options, so it always defaults to a public message.
I had a dream last night, starring tekwh0re.

It seems that I was somehow re-enacting a scene from a book, where there was a powerful sorceress from who I had stolen a plant of some power. She was hunting me, and I was trying to hide.
I ended up hiding in an old abandoned apartment/storage room above an arcane bookstore. There was a screened-in porch that had a lot of large empty wooden shipping crates, and I began piling them up so that I could hide behind them.
The sorceress (played by Tekwh0re) however was using a team of tracking dogs, and a large magic bull to locate me. She would periodically stop and point in a direction, and the bull would react in some way that meant yes or no.
The sorceress found me, but because I had cared for her magic plant so well, she forgave me for stealing it. But there was a punishment...
I was preparing to leave the apartment, a woman came sneaking in; apparently the apartment was not abandoned after all, and she had been using this as her secret getaway. When she saw me she screamed, then started begging me for help. Apparently her boyfriend was extremely jealous, and in a rage that she might even be talking to another man. And suddenly, her boyfriend stepped out of the shadows-- and he had mistaken me for the "other man". For some reason he called me Paul... apparently it was writen down on a pad of paper by her phone. He wasn't in a rage like you'd think, he was simply cold and calculating, and he was going to kill me.
It's unclear exactly what happened next, but the girl and I were trying to get away from the boyfriend, who had somehow fallen behind. We ended up at some sort of street fair next to the river, and on the other side of the river was Uptown where another street fair was going on. I knew we had to get across, but by this time the murderous boyfriend had henchmen that were out looking for us.
Fortunately they were stupid henchmen, and kept getting distracted by the blinky lights and bright colors of the carnival rides.

At that point it pretty much faded away.

Coming back home tonight. Actually tonight is a slumber party with some friends, so technically I'll be back home tomorrow.

It felt a little weird packing up the apartment. I made sure everything was off, and turned the thermostat up so the A/C wouldn't be kicking in as much, and did a minor cleaning before leaving so when I come back I'll have a reasonably clean apartment. It felt almost like I was moving. I had to remind myself that I live down here now, and I had to pack for the convention from here.

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