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Fake update to make up for yesterday

There are days when I curse Alexander Graham Bell. Today was one of those days. Between noon and 3:00, there were seventeen phone calls, all from either people who we owe money to or people who wanted us to buy crap. I just stopped answering the phone. I stopped counting at 20 calls.

It gave me an idea for a new style of answering machine though. My designy-man hat is on again.

One of the phone calls was a repeat call from a mortgage broker that I had talked to before. So in a moment of weakness, I decided to venture forth and talk to them. In actuality it wasn't bad. Considering our current debt load and the fact that I've been a contractor for the last eight years, there are actually several possibilities for a refinance at a reasonable interest rate. Should have an idea next week.

On the way home, I had to fill up the tank with gas. When I was working in Owatonna, I was filling the tank every two days at $1.25/gallon. My last fill was a month ago, and today it was $1.50/gal. All things considered, I guess it's not that bad, but it was an unexpected 30 bucks. On a good note, I dropped three bucks in scratch-off tickets, and won eleven. My scratch-off karma is still positive.

BTW, LiveJournal is not letting me update due to "hardware maintenance". Yeah. I bet if I paid 'em, I could post. (BTW, that means I'm writing this in a text file for future updating.)

Samurai Jack rocks!
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