Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


In the foreground, I am doing a code review for someone else's code, going through it with a fine-tooth comb. Headphones are on, listening to the music of the moment-- currently it's The The: Infected which is a CD that I really like, dating from around 1986. I'm kind of skipping around various music styles, feeling inspiration for another screenplay.
In the background, my mind is mulling over storylines for a couple of different screenplays.
You see, this past weekend, I finished the first draft of The Magic Bear. Consider it a milestone. It's not very big-- the finished movie should be less than ten minutes long-- but the point is that I finished it. I have yet to do storyboards, and there will be script rewrites as I polish the dialogue, but the core skeleton is there.
And something I hadn't anticipated is that the music will have to carry a big part of a key scene.
It's an intetresting project. It's short enough and small enough in scope that the actual shooting should be relatively easy, but it will need a lot of pre- and post-production as it does have some rather heavy effects and sound cues. And the effects aren't the big exploding-action-extravaganza type either; they are more the kind of effects that if they are done right you don't even notice them at all.
I'm going to need help with some of the production stuff. Not quite yet, but hopefully within the next couple of months I can get started on some of the designs in a physical enough manner that I can start handing off some of the work to others.
Dang, it feels good.

I already have the next film in the queue, too. Another short film, but longer and more ambitious. Several locations, more actors, and a good story.

After that, there is a feature-length movie. All in all, I think I have seven active film projects lined up.

Probably a lot of smaller projects in the in-between times too. Helping out other productions, trying to find a studio space (or build one), and possibly trying to put together a solid production team to make a transition into the professional realm.

And I need to learn how to weld. Particularly MIG welding, so I can work with aluminum.

And I shaved. I am beard-and-moustacheless for the first time in about 15 years. It's weird seeing my face all naked. I don't think I like it much-- I look too generic. I definitely need more of a sense of style.

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