Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The devil is in the details

Barring catastrophe, I will be home this weekend. Not much time to be social unfortunately, as I have to do more work to the house: apparently one of the canopy struts snapped in half, and the whole canopy support system needs to be revamped. I also need to install a new rubber membrane roof. I'm pretty sure that that is going to suck up all day Saturday, and possibly part of Sunday.

A bit of work-related amusement: I was called upon to design a part of the sound management system in addition to my other stuff that I was working on. In a stroke of genius, I managed to tuck all away all of the problem pieces that I was having from my main task into the SM task, because that is really where they belong.
Today I got word that the SM task will be going back to Platform Core. So inadvertently, they inherited all of my previous problems. Tee-hee.
So for fun, I am about to dump out two document reviews and one full code review in the space of a week. Poit!
The schedule is being restructured again. It's going all wonky, and now I am scheduled to be here through April 6th. Somehow I think that will recede once again once stuff starts coming together, but they still don't have us starting integration until November.
Now I am off to write a test plan and test code for my module, which is essentially complete in its SECOND incarnation after external system architecture changes forced a complete redesign. And bear in mind that the vast majority of modules in this system are still in the design phase and some are still in architecture. So chances are that I will have to redesign or at least modify again, probably several times.
Then again, I'm making over four times as much as I was in my first job out of college. 4.58 times to be precise.
Beats the hell out of flipping burgers.
They also have pulled one of our team members away to work on another project. Again. So far they've pulled her off for four weeks previous, and another one of our guys for three weeks, now they're pulling her off again for another month.
Bear in mind that upper management is wondering why the schedule is slipping.
I do laugh the laugh of derision. Ha-ha.

I am getting bored with my CDs at work. I have around 40 here, not including the five freaking empty CD jewel cases that I found. One of the things that really pisses me off about living with someone else who seemingly can't be bothered to put the CDs back in the jewel cases despite numerous requests.
(calms down.)
It's all good. A few CDs is a small price to pay. A little patience is all I need.
Lost a few DVDs that way, too. And a laserdisc or two. And I won't mention the books.
Just a few more months. Shorter than most jail sentences. And I'll be down here most of that time, living in a relatively clean apartment.
Okay, I'm not bitter. Really. It's just a manifestation of frustration, like a wispy tendril left over from the smoking boot (Paranoia players will get the reference). I can afford to be generous and patient. After 12 years, six months isn't squat.
I really am looking forward to having my own place again. And not just the apartment, the house. Being able to have people over. Being able to walk in all of the rooms. Not having to do gymnastics to make it from one end of the house to the other.
Having a sense of style.
Of course, there will be a buttload of work. Mostly the throwing-things-away kind of work. Then again, I'm willing to bet that I will be really in the mood for a big purge by the time I'm done down here.

And you know, I'm probably going to have to get a roommate.

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