Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Good news/bad news

My pants fell off this morning.

Walking out to the car, my hands were full, and my pants slipped and dropped down to my knees. And of course, there was one of the women from the next building getting into her car.

Initially it was embarrassing. But after a moment, it struck me that my pants fell off. That they were loose enough even with the belt at the last notch to scootch over my ass.

I am stunned. The bloody exercise regimen is working. I know that my legs and arms are in better shape than they have been since college, but I have not been noticing any change in my ass or my belly for a couple of months.

Apparently it's there.

And my blood glucose level is still down. My waking measure this morning was 139 mg/dl, which is pretty good considering how bad it was just a few months earlier (180-210).

For those of you who don't know, 100 is optimal. When I was originally diagnosed, I was up at 385. And waking blood glucose is usually higher than the daily average.

Talked on the phone with barda last night. It was nice since I haven't spent any time with her since the housewarming, and we got caught up on a few things. But between the phone call and cooking dinner, I didn't have time to pack for the road trip back to MN tonight, so I'll have to go back to the apartment and throw some things in the duffel. It's probably a good thing, because now I can pack stuff in the cooler and have it actually stay cold. Like the Bucket O' Margaritas that I put in the freezer last night. Made with low-carb tequila. Easier than pie: pour in a bottle of tequila, stir, and freeze. By morning, you have frozen margaritas, slushy like a margarita sno-cone. They have daquiri mix, too.
The frozen margaritas will come in handy when we have the deck-warming party. I'm not sure exaxctly when that will be yet, but it will be after the railing is on (and after mosquito season).
There will be margaritas, because there have to be nachos. This was decided by Bryan and I after having to cut some 100 notches in the joists to fit them together like Lincoln Logs. Get it? Notches... nachos...

Never mind.

The deck is also called the Lincoln deck because of the Lincoln-Log construction. It's really super-strong, and there are no creaks or wobblies. Worthy of celebration.

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