Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


I ended up taking sos_usa off of my friends list last night. As much as I one time enjoyed reading about the various erosions of our civil liberties and the essays about various political candidates, it's become overwhelming and depressing. And really, right now I have enough stuff in my life to deal with. I already know how I'm planning to vote in the November elections (if they aren't suspended), and the rest of it is just reinforcing that.
I'm not particularly a Kerry supporter. I just like him better than Bush. And that is a really poor reason to elect a president.
There are a lot of Bush supporters down this way. I hear a lot of talk about supporting Bush being the only patriotic thing to do, and I am floored at wondering how my ideas of what is patriotic can be so different than theirs.

Thinking about the garage/studio quandry, and I have a kind of a key question that will help me decide: are there any height restrictions on detached garages in the south Minneapolis area? I already know what the size (26 feet by 26 feet max) and location (no closer than 12" from property lines) restrictions are, but if I want to build a garage that is 20 feet high, will that be an issue? How about 16 feet?
Realistically, I'd like at least 16 feet inside height (20 feet would be better), but I don't know if that would create an issue with the city or not. And if they limit it to something like 12 feet, then it's pretty lame. I could still work with it, but it would limit my options a lot.
And then there's the whole flat-roof vs. peaked-roof thing. With a flat roof, I can go up to the maximum height with useable space in the full interior, and I could conceivably have a deck on the top of the roof. But a flat roof is more expensive because it requires much stronger materials to handle the loading, and I really want the full clear space inside, so I don't want to run posts down the middle of the garage.
A peaked roof is also acoustically easier to handle. And it would look more garage-like, which would help to keep down suspicions. It's probably the way to go.

Yummy pork roast for lunch today. Crock pot is my friend.

Almost twelve hours of sleep last night, and I'm still sleepy today. Big honking thunderstorm last night and this morning, so I wonder if I'm affected by the weather?
I ended up going to bed at a little after 8:00 last night. Not normal for me by any means, but I was just tired and achey... enough that I was wondering if I was getting the flu.
Apparently not.

Wanna make something.

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