Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Zombie day

WARNING: high icky factor ahead. You have been warned.
Aargh. If I actually had my supplies with me, this would most definitely be a sculpting day, or a day to make corpses or flesh-eating zombies.

Of course, down here I have nothing with which to do my sculpt-y magic. I have no clay, no skeletons, no latex, no urethane, no paint... the only thing I have are colored pencils and pads of paper, which aren't helpful for the hands-on stuff that I really feel like doing today.

I can do CAD design, but again, it's not hands-on getting gooey and messy.

I have this idea for doing some more creepy creations. It turns out that a body lying in a casket for a while will have a fungus grow on it that's a little bit fuzzy. I just had the idea of using dryer lint with spray adhesive, and I really want to try it and see how it works.

And I know how to make realistic eyes now, so I have a great urge to start making zombies with eyes, because even though corpses with empty eye sockets are creepy and great for atmosphere, corpses with eyes that actually look at you are more frightening. And being able to move the eyes realistically would make for some really interesting moments.

I don't really have a good place to work down here. There is a small patio outside the apartment which would work for the ubermessy stuff, but it is outside and subject to weather. Inside I would need a decent work table, and I am afraid of getting stuff on the carpet.
I suppose I could put down a tarp or something, and I'm not currently using the dining room.

Gotta think about this. It could really help keep me sane. Or insane as the case may be.

Hey, chebutykin, you wanna make zombie heads someday when I get back?

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