Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Welcome back my friends...

The new "official" project schedule came out today.

Starting in a couple of weeks, I am scheduled for three simultaneous tasks at 90% loading each. And according to the schedule, we started final integration a month ago.
Yes, they are errors. Simple, easy to correct errors, just by setting the proper dependencies.
Unfortunately when those dependencies are set properly, it pushes our delivery date beyond the projected completion date. I'm betting that when that happens, there will be alarm bells going off in the upper management level.

The other bit of fun news is that next wednesday, we have a document review.

For the software requirements document.

For those of you who didn't just do a spit take, the SRD is the document that is supposed to spell out all of the requirements for the software for this project. It is what everything else is based from: architecture, design, code, test plans, everything.

Bear in mind that I have already completed one component through ALL of those steps, and it is now waiting for integration. I have completed coding AND unit test. And the SRD was supposed to have been approved in June of '03.

This is the construction equivalent of having your house halfway built, then deciding to look at the blueprints to see if they are correct (and they aren't).

It is amusing to me now.

My project manager was only half joking when he suggested I sell the house in Minneapolis and move down here.

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