Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

It's 2 A.M., the fear is gone

awake, and a little bored. Websurfing, but with little content-- I keep coming back to horror.

I so want to do a horror movie.

I don't even come close until the third film in the queue. The first is a dark little comedy, the second a short suspense/thriller, and the third is a ghost story. The third is also the first feature-length.

I just have this urge to do something zombie-Cthulhu-ish, where the dead come to life, and they aren't really nice. And I'd really like it to be truly scary, not cheesy.

Extended features on DVDs really turn me on. Getting some insight into the writer, director, editor, special effects guys all make for a much more complex experience and a much more satisfying one, particularly when you want to make movies for a living.

The ideal: story is everything. All of the lighting, effects, actors, props, everything else should be there to support the story.

The actual: concept movies. Movies thought up by a team of hollywood execs, which only have redeeming value because there are enough talented people working on them to actually pull something off. And often movies that are utter crap just made to make money (*cough* House of the Dead *cough*).

I believe it is possible to make a good movie on a low budget.

But it has to start with a good story.

Because you can polish a turd as much as you want (*cough* Wild Wild West *cough*) but it's still a turd. And low budgets don't allow for a whole lot of polishing.

Must sleep now. And dream of flesh-eating zombies and dark things with tentacles.


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