Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

In Dreams

First one, I was somehow attached to a low budget movie that was being directed by either Crist Ballas or M. Night Shyamalan, and the director of photography on that project was someone who knew absolutely nothing about lighting. So I was talking to Night/Crist about how to fix the scene using just the practical lights, and had mentioned that I have a lot of lighting equipment. He wanted me to go get it, and when I left, I was at a lake with a lot of spooky cabins. cajones was somehow involved with the project as well, though I don't remember exactly how.

Second one involved being a teenage kid with no money, somehow traveling with my brother and another guy trying to get home. The otehr guy was trying to get us to hop a train, which we were unable to do because the trains were too fast and too well-patrolled.
The two of them ended up stealing a couple of bikes and were riding away-- I decided to go into a pub nearby and ask if we could instead work for some food.
The owner of the pub was a red-haired woman. She was busy with other customers. When I finally got a chance to ask her, I started to explain about me and my brother, and she got miffed and started to walk away. I then told her that I wasn't looking for a handout, that my brother and I were just trying to get back home, and that we hadn't eaten for a couple of days and just wanted to work for some food... and she turned around and asked me if I wanted her to call for a "Cullen".
Evidently, this turned out to be a network of truckers that would bring my brother and I home safely.

The first one was pretty low-key. I think it was more a manifestation of desire, or a litle creativity leakage-- it didn't have that hyperreal sheen of a prescient dream, so I doubt it was about an actual project. The spooky cabins were cool though.

The second one seems to be a message about asking for help, though I don't know exactly what I should be asking for help with-- the things that are disturbing me the most at this point aren't things that I think anyone else can help with-- and I think it's stuff that I just have to go through. Friends help a lot, but the internal struggle is not exactly open to the public.
And I have no idea about the Irish theme.

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