Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

More dream sausage

Dream interpretation is a fun hobby of mine. I have learned a lot about dream symbology and how it works, and have discovered some interesting insights into myself as a result.
Dream symbology is really difficult to codify. I have seen texts which try to say things like "if you dream about X, it means Y. And that simply isn't true.
There are some generalizations: dreams about being inside of a house or a building of some sort are almost always about the inner self, and dreams about people you know are usually not about those people, but about aspects of yourself that those people most closely represent to you (kind of like looking at yourself through their eyes). Dreams that involve other people that you don't recognize usually do represent other people: more specifically, your interaction with other people.
The rest of the symbols and images most often work on an emotional level. What something represents in a dream is most often tied to the feelings that it generates or resonates with inside of you.

Recurring dreams are a kind of anomaly. Recurring dreams are those dreams that you have over and over, and are very often nightmares. Usually they do have some message that they are trying to get across that has some fundamental importance.

My own experience with recurring dreams was a nightmare about my father that started up about six months after his death, and continued until I moved out of the house. It was sheer terror, and I used to wake up completely drenched with sweat, every night.
When I mention the ghost of my father, there is some basis to the image.

Another kind of anomaly that you don't hear about as often are sequential dreams. These are dreams that have a recurring nature to them, but rather than being the same dream, they continue as if they have a life of their own in dreamtime. Or as if they were sequels of some film.

I have had a sequential dream off and on for the past ten years. It involved a haunted house that for some reason, I was the only one who could communicate with the entity that was doing the haunting.
Through various stages of the dream, I was either trying to buy the house, renovate the house, watching as someone else had bought the house and was rebuilding it, or turning it into a hotel, or various other scenarios.
And I knew that in its various guises, the house represented me. I didn't understand what the haunting entity was. I knew that it was full of anger, that it was almost pure raw emotion.
I also remember that there was a secret tunnel in the basement, that led to a huge series of caverns. Lots of secrets buried there.

I haven't had the haunted house dreams for a while. Probably a year now. Last I remember, the house was beautifully renovated and was considered a historic landmark. I'm pretty sure it was still haunted, at least on some level, but nowhere near what it was originally.

I'm not sure what it ever really represented, whether it was repressed rage or something else entirely. The house was really cool. I'd love to build it, particularly with the secret passageways and the caves and all.

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