Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Me? Scared?

Auditory hallucinations.

A couple of nights ago, I was awakened by the phone ringing. Since I don't actually have a phone except the cell phone, I was a little off, but it was only one ring. I figured I'd check for misse calls in the morning.
Except in the morning there were no missed calls.

I've also heard various beeps in the apartment. Not a big deal, since there are a number of appliances that are new, and I figure that occasionally there are beeps that come at fairly random times. I also suspect the air conditioner/furnace which is in a locked closet. It's kind of like if it's a single beep, I don't worry about it.

But last night I was awakened by a male voice right by my bed saying "Rob!". And I'm not talking a muffled across-the-room or outside-the-closed-window voice either-- this one was right by my head. Even weirder, I think it was my own voice.
I did get back to sleep, but I heard Barb's voice a little later, again, clear as a bell. And a couple of other voices that I didn't recognize.

Okay. I understand that I was probably dreaming. But I have never had anything auditory with this kind of clarity before. Ever. It is absolutely freaky.

So a couple of thoughts:

1.) I was dreaming. Most likely. Being in a new place, with stress levels out the wazoo, there are bound to be some differences. Yeah. That's the ticket.

2.) Coma.I am actually lying in a coma somewhere, and what I think of as reality is actually a coma-induced hallucination, and the voices that I am hearing are voices of people in the "actual" reality. Fun idea, but I doubt it. The good news is that it means I'm probably coming out of the coma.

3.) Temporal leakage. I am actually getting "visitations" from the future or the past for brief flashes of time. Slight chance, but pretty useless.

4.) Ghosts, or other paranormal activity. Why in the hell there would be ghosts in a new apartment building that had no previous occupants is beyond me.

5.) Bizarre acoustical phenomenon. Somewhere in the design of the building there was a weird anomalythat allows sound to be transmitted clearly, possibly via the air conditioning ducts. Except that each unit has its own A/C system. Bathroom vent is possible but unlikely as it vents to the roof, and I don't sleep in the bathroom.

6.) Brain tumor, stroke, or other cerebral event. Oh, yes. Good. That's what I really want to consider.

7.) Insanity. Yet another fun road to travel.

Well, frankly if they only happen at night, it doesn't bother me too bad. It's kind of like having invisible friends.

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