Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Fear and Loathing in Des Moines

Just got done with the last code review of the week, and my brain is the consistency of Jell-O. We've done a LOT of reviews this week.
I am annoyed at some of the review decisions made by a coworker. He tends to like to complicate things, and I think it's because he likes the complexity. But he is an employee and I am merely a contractor, so I defer to his judgement. After all, I'm not the one who has to live with the complexity and the problems it causes.

Our SRD review yesterday went quite long, and we only made it about halfway through. It was very fruitful-- we cleared up some glaring errors, and found new procedural errors, so I have taken on the responsibility of setting up the next continuation meeting for next week and managing the review.
Nobody else seems to want to do it There seems to be a "Rat's Ass" analogy here.
But given the chance to make sure this stuff gets cleared up and that it gets assigned to specific people just seems like something that would be poetic justice.
Now bear in mind that there are several NEW items that are being added to the requirements. These are items that have in theory gone through a PCR (product change request) process, where those items have been reviewed, approved, and time and budget allocated for them. They are to be added into the requirements on August 6th.
Trouble is that none of the project managers have been asked to allocate time & budget for these additions yet. And there is no clear ownership of the SRD. If marketing wants to add something, they can just add it.

One of the things being added is a pretty complex piece. One which we currently have no implementation plan for. The part of the functionality that affects me directly I've already implemented in secret because it was really simple, but it has a much, much larger impact across the system. I would guess 3-4 months of development time. And the management won't want to delay that much-- I don't think they will want to delay at all, because the release date has already been pushed back by almost a year from it's original (ridiculous) date. They will want the new features added with no additional time because they figure we've already had the additional time before they actually provided the details of what was wanted.
I am humbly not privvy to these discussions and decisions. I just push the buttons, and melt my brain.

To provide an analogy: this is the equivalent of changing the blueprints after a part of the house is already built.
The good news is that I don't have to live in the house.

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