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Dog Lovers

I have my spam filters turned on ( Between that and some judicious e-mail filtering, I'm actually quite spam-free.

Occasionally, a message or two makes it through. One that came in tonight had the header "Dog Lovers" on it, and silly me, since I am a dog owner, I was expecting some sort of Petco promotional savings e-mail, and I opened it.

It was a porn site. By the subject, I am sure that you can deduce what kind.

Now I am really quite jaded, and I have my sordid past, so things like this generally don't faze me, and I sometimes find them amusing-- I still have some of the pictures from the "dwarf tossing" pornsite-- but this one got me thinking.

First of all, my view on sexuality is generally that if all of the involved parties are consenting, pretty much anything goes. Aside from my belief that a dog can't really provide that consent, I have to think that the dog was pretty much enjoying himself, and just for the sake of argument, I will accede the exceedingly slim possibility that the woman was enjoying herself, and not the victim of exploitation.

But what I can't understand is who in the hell are the guys that get off on this? Are there really that many guys out there who really enjoy looking at pictures of barnyard action? Do they imagine their adulterous ex-wives getting done doggie-style by a great dane named Hamlet? Do they take the term "hung like a horse" literally? Are they so completely malajusted that they find this sexy?

Hey guys, got news for ya. What this means is that there are actually women out there who would rather blow a goat than have sex with you.
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