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trying a voice recognition post

Because in theory this computer will handle voice recognition I'm trying to post a message to us by sticking into a microphone into the really interesting to see exactly what it comes up with the words
Today agreements and cleaning the apart onto the beaches in the morning which took about an hour show and then I am neither it's the ballooning room and did some wandering into the garbage and did a little bit of pressure to and that's about it for the day but the apartment is plain and I walked away because a pretty good movie are really wanna see the actors on it because I think there's some good special effects stock an agreement like to see how they did some of the effects
of cayenne have to say that speech recognition is probably not the best way to do what my durable posts
I hope everyone has a good time at the volunteer park
I wish I could have been there but I was in Des Moines clean and generally being born
something I noticed is that it does not handle punctuation there are no periods no comments now; it's pork sandwich salad if I could cut myself with a large broom handle it would be excruciating
I watched the old boy the movie with GL GR mall built for Ron Perlman as the boy from hell hell boy I bought the DVD it looks on
Japanese looks like he's going to be in a fun movie I think it's called a hero I think I may go see a movie in the theater tomorrow I still haven't seen Spiderman two I have a matter of fact I haven't seen the movie since the last Harry Potter movie and way behind in mime will be watching
that I was making which is still love me

June 3 is coming out and I want to get a new computer that will actually be able to play it that's dual mode for a boom three this release a fix on board and turn out the lights get the surround sound speakers in place and say goodbye to sanity for the next twenty odd hours the guise of its software are famous for delivering a game when it's done and we're here to tell you that to three is not only done its mibuying the blowing
the game opens up with your arrival of the Mars research facility of the massive united aerospace corporation it's the year 2145 in your under renewed liaison to the facilities security detail for the next fifteen minutes you're not even issued a weapon tand do all the action unfolds in at least one minutes into the opening of half life as you get oriented around the security building and watch some video primers on your new job and all new home

of case that's enough it's been interesting but this probably won't work for any kind of serious for work item of the stream of consciousness kind of typing no have a nice day and get naked

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