Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Ganked, Lucyruthe

I sing in the car, loudly and dance in my seat at traffic lights. Sometimes without any accompanying music.
I love cartoons. Kiddie cartoons
I like fireworks.
I like to look at the bodies of the animals my cat kills. It is amazing that teeny little mice have all the same innards that we do. Also, seeing their bleached out teeny skeletons is cool. Birds especially
I like chipmunks, yes alive too.
I like to skip.
I like hide-n-seek.
I HATE handling raw meat, I prefer the not-real-meat, like hamburger. Chicken with it's legs tied together, whole, totally grosses me out. (Girl Interrupted was freaky!)
I like to work on my house.
I like hard-physical work.
I like reading.
I like driving and road trips.
I like dancing sober.
I like karaoke sober.
I like being sober.
I like being tipsy.
I hate being drunk.
I like being a Mom.
I like polka music.
I like meeting new people.
I like learning.
I like my shrink.
I like going to the Dentist.
I like going downtown at any time of the day.
I hate catty women and rarely join-in with them.
I like people.
I like children. Barbecued.
I like my computer.
I like being an optimist.
I like making and dressing up in costumes
I like being a geek.
I like new things and unfamiliar places.
I like the outdoors.
I like my job, mostly....(a little early to tell, but sure!)
I like me.
I like change, even though it can be scary.
I like girly drinks in big martini glasses.
I like sitting around and telling rancid jokes.
I like taking price stickers off of newly purchased items
I like sleeping naked.
I like having skeletons in my house.
I would like to find incontravertible proof of the supernatural.
I like to sleep with my dog.

Copy, bold the ones you agree with and feel free to add some more. However, remember these should be things that you don't consider typical.

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