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I moved the computer over to the work table to do the CAD drawings yesterday, and I think I'm gonna leave it here. It takes me away from the TV, which has been sucking an inordinate amount of my time. And since I got a real office chair, it's actually relatively comfy.

Watched the Firefly pilot last night, with the commentary by Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion. It was typical Whedon commentary, which included a few gems of information, mostly about the camera work. It was kind of funny when he pointed out a couple of lighting rigs that were in the shots that were so funky they just looked like the equipment on the ship.
It was interesting to read between the lines and realize just how much the ship design was created to get good shots.
There were also some cinematography moments that reminded me that I have quite a way to go in the cinematography department yet. Some lovely bits on lens choices designed to get a particular flare effect that I had no clue about. Of course, I suppose that has a lot to to with the fact that I don't very often get chances to shoot with a variety of lenses like that. Most of the budgets that I deal with are considerably less than the rental price of these lens sets for a single day.
And I marveled at the number of reshoots that they did. And all but one of them were because of story or character influences.
And I definitely have a thing for Morena Baccarin. :)

Today is starting out pretty low-key. I don't think it's going to pick up much.

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