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Is it wrong for a woman to want a guy to like her body?
In the general sense, no. But it really depends on why she wants him to like her body. If it's out of a sense of low self-esteem or self-confidence, or if it's to make up for something else that's missing in her life, then it becomes a symptom of some greater problem.
A girl should like her own body. That is the thing that matters. And she should love other things about her, other than her body.

Is it wrong for a woman to not like a guy treating her like a toy even if she does like it when a guy likes her body?
Nobody likes to be treated like a toy. But if there is a lot of focus on the body, then the other things take a lower precedence. If the girl is just trying to get attention with her body, then she shouldn't be surprised if the guy pays attention to just her body.

If a girl wears a miniskirt, is that the equivalent to asking to be harassed?
It depends on where. If she's wearing a miniskirt in downtown Baghdad, then yes it is. It's probably asking for more than harassment.
But in most western civilizations, wearing a miniskirt is not "asking" for anything. You should expect attention, and not all of that attention is going to be positive.
However, there is also a difference in what is considered harassment. If a guy looks at a girl in a miniskirt and says "yo, chica, I'd like to take you home", it's certainly rude, but is that harassment? What about the old fat guy on the park bench who just stares?
If some guy follows you around and won't leave you alone to the point where you actually fear physical harm, then it definitely crosses the line, but I have seen too many women who only want attention from good-looking young men, and feel that anything else is sick and wrong.

If a girl goes to a nightclub and enjoys dancing, drinking, and men looking at her, is it wrong of her to not like them following her around and harassing her?
Nope. But she should also realize that men, alcohol, and miniskirts make for a potent combination. It's not an excuse for men to be boorish chuds, but those types tend to congregate there. She doesn't have to like it, but she should expect it.

If a girl gets a ride home with a guy she doesn't really know too well, only because she needs a ride home, is that the same thing as the girl making it clear that she wants to put out?
No. I can't even put a spin on this one.

Some guys (see boorish chuds above) will take it that if a girl shows any interest at all, she is ready to put out. Until otherwise convinced (see knee to the groin below).

If a girl likes to hug a guy, does that automatically mean that she shouldn't have any issues in making out with that guy?
Most guys make a distinction between a hug and making out.

Does a girl deserve to be sexually harassed?
Some people do deserve to be harassed. But I can't think of anyone that deserves to be sexually harassed in any circumstances.
Bear in mind that the harasser very often doesn't realize that what he is doing is harassment. He may believe that he is being suave, or being confident.

Does a girl deserve to be raped?
In this day and age, no.

Why do some people say "she deserved it" or "she asked for it" when a girl gets raped, just because she liked to wear miniskirts, show off her body, and flirt?
I believe this comes about from the old school repressed sexuality of the socially conservative. The idea was that a "good girl" never did those things, while a "bad girl" would wear miniskirts, flirt, show off her body, etc. etc.
And "bad girls" liked to have sex, and even if they said no, it was just a game-- they wanted to be taken by a real man.

Why do some men assume that just because someone likes to feel pretty, likes it when people realize she's pretty, likes do dance, drink, and flirt, that it's ok not to respect her?
Because some men are immature assholes.

If a girl meets a stranger, gets the wrong impression, thinks he's decent and nice, and let's him take her home, is it ok for him to sexually harass her and scare her?
First response is no. But why does she let him take her home? Back to his place? That is a pretty big error in judgement on the girl's part-- it's downright dangerous behavior.
No, it's not okay for him to sexually harass and scare her, but it could have been a lot worse: she could have wound up raped or dead.

Why does a "no" mean "yes"?
Because some women (still) say no when they mean yes. It provides them with some backwards moral thing that they can fall back on if they regret what they did some time later. And I know specifically of women who do this, and I have called them on it, and let them know just how much it pisses me off.
To me, no means no. Unquestioningly, absolutely, stop. To have a woman say "no" to me, then I stop, and she asks me why I stopped... it gets really frustrating.

Is it stupid to believe in human decency?
No. It is wrong to expect it from everyone. Particularly from the boorish chuds.

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