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Hard to say what I'm feeling right now.

Went down to the pool for a while, read a book, met a couple of people from the apartments. A couple of very attractive women, both with kids. I ended up reading and napping.
ve tried to sit down and do some work today, but my attention span is measured in seconds, and nothing is working. I can't even work up the attention to watch TV.
I cleaned today-- not provincially thorough, but enough to get by quite well. The kitchen is pretty clean, and I have the trash all bagged up and ready to go out in the morning.

I ate like a pig today. Not really good for me, but I was hungry. Wondering if I need more vitamins or something.

Now I'm feeling sleeeepy. And it's still early. I tried taking a shower to wake up, but not worth a damn. I could just go to bed, but if I do that, I know I'll wake up at 4:33 in the morning again.

I have horror themes running throug my head. Dessicated cadavers. I think when I go back up this week, I'll pack some skeletons & skulls to play with when I get back.

I made a sculpting turntable with parts from Home Depot. It's about a foot square, with a lazy susan bearing on the bottom, and I'll be adding a post in the middle that fits a 1" PVC sleeve for an armature base. That will allow me to turn the thing around without having to slide it all over the place.

I think I might get another table. I have enough kraftwerk to take up at least one more, and probably two.

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