Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Well, it looks like I may be vehicle-less for the weekend. Barb is asking to use the Explorer to take a load of *stuff* up to Bemidji from Thursday night through Sunday morning, and since I have a vested interest in getting as much of her *stuff* out of the house as possible, I'm planning on letting her. That means that I have to get all of the major building materials on Wednesday. That means it's gonna be an ass-hauling day all around.
I will have her car to be able to run small errands, but no way to get building materials. And I'll have to unload the beast there.
And then I have to wait for her to get back on Sunday before I can leave. Which means that if she's late in leaving, I don't get back to the apartment until late. Which screws up my stuff that I need to do before work on Monday. So I have to plan for a hit-and-run weekend, or just forget working on Monday.

And I have to figure out in advance whether I'm going to be able to start building the storage shed. The foundation and floor are pretty easy, all things considered. And that is all I had really planned on getting to this weekend anyway, and then only if things went extremely well. But it's still a buttload of material to haul around.

The storage shed would be nice. If I were to concentrate on that and the front porch roof this weekend, with enough help I could probably complete it and have a space big enough to store the saw, workbenches, tools and all as well as building materials that I need for these projects.

The front porch roof has to get covered. And I must get a boiler ordered this week. The back roof/deck that was rubber coated last time does not absolutely have to have tile put on it this week, but I would like to get the cementboard down and mortared, and hopefully sealed.


If I can get enough help over Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, I could probably finish the shed. If it doesn't rain. I need to make some changes to the plans tonight as well as clean out the truck and pack.

Gonna be a long night.

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