Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Describe your stance on:

Abortion: Necessary in some cases, should be a last resort. A woman should have the right do decide.

Affirmative Action: There are better solutions.

Age of Consent: We should be teaching sexual responsibility so that children (teens, etc.) can make informed, responsible decisions.

Animal Testing: There are better methods. Some cases I agree with.

Death Penalty: Against. It's irreversible.

Downloading Music/Movies: Against copyright violation; for distribution & promotion.

Drug Decriminalization: Marijuana & non-manufactured drugs, yes.

Factory Farming: Crops yes. Animals no.

Free Trade: yes.

Funding of Arts: Very much so.

Gay Marriage: Yes.

Gun Control: Gun education.

Immigration: You should be willing to become a citizen, learn the language, and have some redeeming quality.

Hardcore Pornography: Mandatory.

Human Cloning: Partial cloning. Organs, blood, bone marrow...

Miltary Draft: Against.

Minimum Wage: Minimum wage classes for types of jobs.

Prostitution: Should be legalized.

School Vouchers: Relatively neutral, but I can see the positives.

Taxes: I understand and support the need for realistic taxation, but I would like to see a revamping of the IRS system.

United Nations: A great concept gone awry.

Universal Health Care: Mandatory.

War on Terrorism: A political machination.

Welfare: I would like to see goal-based welfare available. The system as it exists today is often abused.

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