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Maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

After eating the horror-food today, I was struck with a most heinous depressive episode. About a five-hour smackdown where I had to hide from the world and buried myself in bed.
I'm thinking possible food allergy, though I did re-start the metformin today. It just came on so quick and went away relatively quickly. But cripes, it was deep.

Trying to decide on the next project. Or whether I should take a little time away from projects and try to relax.
That's something I'd love to do. I can't remember when I was last really relaxed. Suffice to say it's been a while. Problem is I don't really have a place to relax. Every room in the house houses reminders of something I should be doing.

Jobhunt update:
e-mailed a swath of resumes after a surf through A bunch of new listings in the last day or two. Some re-listings of jobs that had gone away a while ago. Nothing screaming at me. Except the voices in my head.

Safety tip #1: don't refresh the compose window. Your message will go away.

Safety tip #2: don't eat chicken from a different millennium.
(The realization that the afore-mentioned chicken predates not only my marriage but the dating of my ex-wife suddenly turns my bowels to water, and not in a good way.)

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