Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

- Clothes: None.
- Mood: Sleepy but accomplished.
- Music: None.
- Taste: Dill pickles and mylar.

- You touched: Teresa.
- You talked to: Bryan.
- You hugged: Teresa.
- You instant messaged: Kristi.
- You Yelled At: Sadie.

- Foods: Meat. Fruit. Fresh vegetables.
- Drink: Diet coke, iced tea.
- Color: Cobalt blue.
- Shoes: Ones that fit. Probably slippers.
- Exclamation: Craphelldamn. Or Christ on a rubber crutch.
- Candy: Baby Ruth.
- Animal: Dog.
- TV Show: Trading Spaces, CSI, Family Guy...
- Movie: Can't limit it to just one.
- Song: The Sickness (Disturbed) is still hanging in there.
- Fruit: Nectarines.
- Cartoon: Samurai Jack, Cowboy Bebop, Family Guy, Futurama...
- Book: Neuromancer.

- Understanding: Absolutely.
- Open-minded: Yes.
- Arrogant: Not really.
- Interesting: To some.
- Easily amused: I must be, I live in Iowa.
- Random: Plecostemus.
- Hungry: Yes.
- Healthy: Somewhat. Healthier than I used to be.
- Shy: In some ways, yes.
- Messy: Exhaustively.
- Happy: To a point.
- Hyper: Rarely.
- Talkative: Sometimes.

- Kill: Nobody really, except maybe the bastard that broke in to the house.
- Slap: Winona Ryder.
- Tickle: Jess.
- Talk To Offline: Pretty girls.
- Talk To Online: Pretty girls.
- Lick: None of your business...

- Been on stage? a lot.
- Dumped someone? Yes.
- Gotten in a car accident? Yes.
- Been in love? Yes.

-Coffee or hot chocolate? Chocolate.
-New or old? Quality over age.
-Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? Cruise by a narrow margin.
-Jeans or cords? Jeans.
-Sweater or sweatshirt? Sweatshirt.
-T-shirt or tank top? T-shirt with no sleeves.
-Skirt or dress? Little Black Dress, or short flirty skirt.
-Wool or cotton? Cotton.

- Cried? No.
- Helped someone? Yes.
- Bought something? And how. I bought a boiler.
- Gotten sick? Nope.
- Gone to the movies? I went to a live show.
- Said "I love you"? Yes.
- Written a real letter? No.
- Talked to someone you have a crush on? Yes.
- Had a serious talk? Yes.
- Missed someone? Yes.
- Hugged someone? Yes.
- Fought with your parents? No.
- Fought with a friend? No.

- Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No.
- Have a best friend? Hmmm... not really.
- Have a crush on someone? Yes, several.
- Eat with your mouth open? No.
- If you got a tattoo, where would it be? Minneapolis.
- What color is your floor in your room? I'm not really sure-- I'd say brownish.
- What was the last CD you bought? Lacuna Coil.
- How did you spend last summer? I think I worked.
- When's the last time you showered? Yesterday
- Are you lonely? Yes.
- Are you wearing pajamas? No.
- Are you talking to someone online? Not at the moment.
- What is your astrological sign? Taurus
- What are you listening to/watching right now? Pets.

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