Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Went to bed at a little after 7:00 tonight. Didn't ride the bike, just hit the bed. Woke up a bit ago.
Spent a few minutes reading random journals. Well, not so random, but not people I actually know. My life is not as messed up as some.

Observation: women with low self-esteem seem to have more sex than women with high self-esteem, but the women with high self-esteem tend to have better sex.

Note: sex is like pizza. Sometimes it's delivered, costs extra for the toppings that you like and you have to pay a tip to the driver, and sometimes you can pick it up in a store three at a time and put it in the freezer to cook later. The rising crust is the best.

Made a big ol' crock-pot of onion soup. Haven't had any yet, but the smell is delicious. Added a bit of EV olive oil and some garlic. Yumsters!

Feel a bit like I'm in a holding pattern. Not sure what I'm holding, but there is a definite sense of waiting...

I need new shoes. That is not as easy as it sounds, because I have special-needs feet. Shoe stores don't carry my size normally, and the last time I got shoes I had to shop in the equivalent of the big & tall shoe outlet mall.

I have big hands and big feet. I suppose they are proprotional to everything else, and in general they are wider than general proportion would dictate. Fer instance, my widest hand span is 9-3/4 inches (not quite 25 cm), and from base of palm to tip of middle finger is 8-1/4" (just over 20 cm). Closed-hand span is 4-3/4" (12 cm). I can't fit my fist in my mouth, but I look really silly trying.

Then again, I am measuring body parts at quarter after eleven at night. That's a little silly in and of itself.

I think I'll go back to bed now.

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