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Weasel in the waiting room

Beware: the following bits are random snatches of the internal conversation that is running through my head pretty much continuously. It's pretty obvious that I failed my SAN roll.

Are they worms or sticks?

There is a reason that there is a CAT in CATAPULT.

Pulling a boner means something entirely different in Japanese.

Staff meeting, staph infection. Coincidence?

The Decimation Sisters have left the building.

Grapes are like nature's grapes.

Like my crazy Uncle Carl used to say: "Eat a penny a day, and soon you'll be shitting money". We all thought that was really wise. Then he tried to fuck a canteloupe. That crazy Uncle Carl.

Cripes. New schedule today has me up to May 10th. That's a two week bump since yesterday. I was worried that it's gonna push into June, now I think it's inevitable. Maybe July? August?
It's like Hotel California: you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

I have lost my chewy center. I feel like I'm spread way too thin, covering both Minneapolis and Des Moines. Probably because I've been up there so much and so intensely lately. A short while ago, I had focus and drive. Now I have neither, and it's frustrating.

I do have a skeleton though. And a couple of skulls that I brought back with me to the apartment. And latex and skinning material, so I can get back into making corpses once again, and zombie heads. I should have brought a second skeleton so I could disarticulate it and work on casting, but I suppose that can wait for a bit. I do need to get my supplies shipped before the cold weather hits.

And a cool thought: since I now actually have an air compressor, I can make a cobweb sprayer out of a hot glue gun. Completely non-toxic cobwebs in seconds!
Understand that I already have a chemical cobweb shooter-- something that no self-respecting Halloween junkie should be without-- that makes unbelievably realistic spiderwebs. Realistic enough that they actually catch flies. The hot-glue web shooter is not quite so realistic, but it looks great in movies, and it's a breeze to clean up.

And I can start thinking about pneumatic props.

Oh, yes, I'm thinking that Halloween will once again be the supreme holiday that it once was...

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