Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

One more from the spam file.

What do women secretly say behind their lovers back?

I don't know! What do they say?

67% of women say they're unhappy with their lovers penis size.

Wow! That's a lot.

The prospect of increasing penis size is something most men seem to be
interested in.

I'll say. Several times a day if possible.

In fact, according to varying sources, anywhere from
between ninety to ninety five percent of us aren't happy with what we

Keeping up with the "johnson", so to speak.

Another interesting fact is that ninety percent of men, regardless of
race possess roughly the same erect penis length of around six inches.

I'm sure there's a study out there somewhere. How does one get involved in such a study?

The obvious conclusion seems to be that none of us are happy with being
just 'average'.

Well hey, who does? And what about the half of the guys that are below average?

If you would like to have a larger penis and would like to accomplish
this within a short period of time without pumps, surgery or weights,


this may be the most important Web page you'll ever visit.

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