Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dream a little dream of me

In the first, I was the owner of a strip club that consisted entirely of underage girls. It was called (appropriately) "Lolitas", and there was some crossover between that and Hotel California (Warm smell of Lolitas... rising up through the air...)
(Yes, I know that in the actual song it's colitas. And I even know what colitas are.)
The club was in the middle of the desert somewhere in the Southwest. The dream was primarily about the anxiety of running an illegal strip club, and was pretty much free of any erotic content whatsoever.

The second dream took place in the city. I was scheduled for some sort of heart procedure that was surgical in nature, and I had a noon appointment in the hospital. However, when I got there, I had forgotten the room number (and floor), and the hospital was a cross between a hospital and a shopping mall that catered to a more raver-centric and latino crowd. I was late for my appointment, and I couldn't find the cardio floor. My father was with me, and he was chastizing me for being irresponsible and not having the right information, and I was yelling at him for yelling at me, and we couldn't find an elevator. I kept asking the young women (dressed as nurses) for help finding the right place, and kept either getting "I don't know" responses or bad directions. I remembered the room as 920, but the building only had seven floors, and finally we discovered a label on the second floor that aid "Cardio-" something or other, written sideways in very stylized red script. And we found out that the cardio room was closing in ten minutes.
Friends of mine kept trying to get my attention to stop and chat for a while, and I had to tell them that I had this apppointment that I was late for.
We finally found a hidden elevator that was like a magic trick-- it was only an inch or so wide, and it came down from the ceiling only halfway to the floor, and the operator was this cool kid who seemed to enjoy his job. The inside of the elevator was pretty roomy.
We finally made it to the second floor and to the correct room with only minutes to spare, only to find a sign on the table: "Out to lunch, back in 5 min."

The third dream, I wasn't even human. I was some sort of a cross between an animal and machine, and I was moving very fast along the roads in the desert. There wasn't a lot of thought, just the feeling of speed and motion, and the joy with going very fast.

Dream #2 was the largest and most complex, and was all about the stress and anxiety. I woke up from that one in a sweat. I think the first one was pretty much an anxiety dream as well, but where in the hell did the underage strippers come from? And why in the southwestern desert, other than a throwback to "from Dusk til Dawn"? Because that desert motif came back up in the third dream, I think it has some symbolic meaning.

I think #2 was about work anxiety-- the ridiculous schedules and not having a clear vision of what is needed. I can find a lot of parallels there, so I'm fine with that one. It's the other two that have me confused.

I'll even cave in on #1 as being heavily influenced by waking thoughts and external stimuli. Earlier in the day I was using stripper references (though how I was using them is just too complex to go into here), and Hotel California was a song that I had heard earlier that was resonating with me for that "you can never leave" riff.

It's no wonder that I wake up exhausted.

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