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Lick my love pump

I'm confused, and looking forward to the weekend. It is the first weekend in three weeks that I haven't been up working on the house, and I really need the rest.

It's been a very full day at work so far-- the morning was basically filled with escalations of a small problem that I discovered a few days ago into a rather large issue.

I've also had to delve in a rather agile manner into some user interface questions. Even though the user interface is a separate piece than I am working on, I am quite good at UI work. This one takes the cake though. I have never seen anything this bloody complex and messy.

My brain overfloweth with chewy goodness. Mmmmm.

So I have a decision to make. I can come up to the 'Cities either over Labor Day weekend, or the weekend of the 11/12th.

Labor day weekend gives me an extra day.
I won't have any spending money.
Rick will be there.
I can possibly ride up with Eve, but I won't have a vehicle.

The 11th/12th gives me only one day.
I can take that day to be social, but I also have to be sure that the basement area is cleaned out for the boiler.
Rick will be gone.
Bryan will be there.
I will have some spending money.
I will drive up myself.

I'm leaning toward the 11th/12th, mostly because of the money thing. That puts me at Labor Day weekend in Des Moines, which is... well, let's just say I can get caught up in my DVD watching. And hang out by the pool, and maybe check out the hot tub.
Which sounds pretty good right now.

Can I go home yet?

I currently have 23 windows open on my desktop-- all but this one being used for work. And I have a 17" monitor. Clutter, clutter, clutter.

My brain is about to be diffused even more. Meeting in a half-hour to delve into the UI issues.

Feh. Meh.

Love me, for I am cute and cuddly.

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