Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Tales of a Recurring Nightmare

It's been a while since I had the sequential dream about the haunted house.

This time it wasn't so much haunted, as in a bad state of disrepair. It was mostly the plumbing in the basement, both the supply for the general house plumbing circuits as well as for the heating system (and it was a monster heating system). Everything was leaking, in some cases spraying water all over the basement.
The plumbing was all screwed up. It was like over the course of many many decades, previous owners had just spliced into wherever they thought it was appropriate or convenient, with whatever materials they had handy. It was just arcane: different sizes of pipes, different materials, valves used as couplers. Some of the drains fro upper floors didn't even connect to anything, they just emptied out onto the floor.

I had to try and fix it, and it was a tremendously overwhelming job. I was considering calling in professional plumbers, but I knew that I didn't have the money to afford the amount of work this was going to be.

Somehow some friends were there, and I wanted to head out to the store to get some materials to fix the plumbing. It was pretty much a tear out and start from the water main entry point, but I couldn't seem to figure out exactly what I needed to fix the whole thing. (In real life, I would have no problem with this, but this is a dream...)

I had shut off the water to stop the massive leaking. Somehow when I went upstairs to go to the store, it turned out that Tim Allen and his wife from "Home Improvement" were living in the house, and were having a party. Tim needed me to go upstairs to get a skillet and a couple of knives, but the stairway was incredibly wobbly and flimsy, and I had to crawl to get up there.

I remember I needed to pee, but there was something wrong with the bathroom, don't remember what.

Somehow we left the house by way of an elevator to the third floor, which ended up being a slighly upscale shopping mall, and as we left we went by the amusement park that was attached. I remember that the amusement park wasn't very good, and there was a problem with gangs having 'strength contests' that were damaging the house.

Fuzzy here, but somehow we ended up at a Menards or Home Depot or something similar, and were walking out with some supplies and putting them in our panel truck. I couldn't remember having actually paid for any of the materials, but my friend swore that we did.

At this point, I think it pretty mush just kind of scattered into oblivion.

Notable things:

1.) The house wasn't haunted. Or at least there wasn't the angry evil presence that there usually is.

2.) I owned the house. In prior dreams I have been interested inthe house, buying the house, working on it for somebody else, watching somebody else rennovate it, but I don't think I've ever actually owned it before.

3.) The plumbing and running water references could have been because I had to pee.

4.) The arcane plumbing and me not being able to figure out how to fix it is key imagery.

5.) The family from "home improvement"-- yeah, okay, I get the joke.

6.) The shopping mall on the third floor and the amusement park are elements that have continued across dreams. They have changed form somewhat, but they are continuations of images/icons from before.

7.) The mall actually extends beyond the house-- like the third floor of the house was appended by the mall to add more space. The amusement park is outside the house, but has access to the third floor.

8.) I know that the house is next to a body of water-- whether it is a lake or the ocean I don't know. I'm thinking lake, as the water isn't a force as much as it is a presence. If it matters, I know that it is on a southwestern shore.

9.) Secret passeways and tunnels did not make an appearance at all this time.

So, if house represents self, does this mean that my inner workings are in a state of disrepair, but I don't know how to fix them? I know I can, I just don't know how?

And what about the shopping mall and the amusement park?

The layers of the house seem important as well. There were more people on the upper layers, but getting deeper into the "inner workings" there were fewer and fewer people and in the basement I was alone.

I remember being a little frustrated at not being able to figure out the plumbing, but I think that may have been more because it was just iconic and some small part of my brain was trying to figure it out logically when there was no real logic to it. I just don't think that frustration is connected to the message.

So yes. I have issues that I'm working on. I am working on improving myself, but there are things (particularly about relationships) that I don't know how to fix, and you could say that they really are a mess because the previous "owners" all did things differently and they just don't connect anywhere.
And those things do go pretty deep.

As a home improvement project goes, I'm definitely a "fixer-upper", but I've got good bones. Solid foundation, quality worksmanship, just a few long years of neglect, and a bit of work to do on the mechanicals.

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