Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

What's next Mister Monkeypants?

The pleasuring industry.

This was the term that I came up with today in a discussion of the grey-area massage-parlor type businesses that provide more *intimate* massages than one would expect from a sports clinic. It also covers various other types of businesses, including certain types of strip clubs, sales of erotic books & magazines, toys and the like, and sensual (non-sexual) massage.

I probably have a different viewpoint on a lot of sexual matters than most. Probably because my first real exposure to any expressions of sexuality were when I worked with and lived with strippers and sexworkers. I went from complete repression to complete expression, and it awakened a lot of things inside me.

I got to learn that the common Hollywood notion that all sex workers are drug addicts or women who had no other choices that "turned" to this sleazy lifestyle were way off. I met a lot of women who were happy and pretty well-adjusted and just enjoyed being sexual, enjoyed being watched, and enjoyed bringing pleasure to men.
I'm not saying it was the majority of them. The majority were in it for the money, and really didn't think twice about the men, but there were a few who really enjoyed giving pleasure, in a very nearly spiritual sense.

And they were amazing.

This was some time ago, in a different era. Since then I've become dissociated from the industry quite a bit, though I do keep in touch occasionally with some friends who still dabble.

Things have changed quite a bit. Purchasing sex toys is now pretty commonplace, especially for women. Strip clubs have become these sterile money-suck pits for the attention-span-deficient, and massage parlors have become more scarce. Porn is available to anybody with a credit card and an internet connection.

But I think that the pleasuring gene that I so fondly remember from the golden days is still out there. I think that there are new women out there who really genuinely enjoy pleasuring men, who are exhibitionistic, and who aren't just in it for the money. I don't know exactly where they are yet, but I believe.

Maybe part of that is because I am finding myself becoming that as well. Finding joy in bringing sensual pleasure to others.

Perhaps I am delusional and sad.

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