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Last night I had a dream.
Barb and I were getting married, and we were kind of supervising the whole process. Somebody hadn't showed up, and I was trying to fix some last-minute problems when I realized I had something like two minutes to get dressed. Bear in mind this was an elaborate costume with prosthetic makeup and a wig and all, and would take at least an hour.
(The makeup actually is for a character I'm playing in a movie, not the wedding.)
While the makeup is getting applied, I'm trying to have somebody go tell the audience that things will be delayed. Jeremy keeps stealing my top hat and filling it with wax.

On another note, I'm doing cinematography on the next SSF film. By default, that makes me the visual effects supervisor. I'm having some challenges in figuring out how to shoot some of the effects. Today I spent a little time working on believable muzzle flash effects. I'm pretty happy with the results just for a rough demo.

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