Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dreamy dreamy fo feemy

Only one dream that I can remember-- bits and pieces.

I was back in Minneapolis, and I was talking to my old boss about a job. He hired me right away, even though I was really beat up from this one. Oddly, I was naked. I remember I found a shirt, but I could find no pants. I was embarrassed, but they all seemed to take it in stride.
Karen was there; she was the receptionist from a different job. She was pretty, and very sweet, and when she found out I was back, she came in to hug me, and ended up spending time cuddling. I remember that she wasn't wearing a bra when I was touching her back. It was comforting.
I remember I had lacerations all over my body. Deep ones, but there was no blood. I think they were healing, but they hadn't been treated properly-- like there were no stitches, tape, bandages, anything like that.
General feeling of acceptance, almost like a war veteran coming home.

This didn't have the feeling of a contiguous dream, more like a bunch of dreamlets with a common theme. Also no sense of urgency or strength or anxiety, it was just very calming and accepting. That really isn't like my normal dreams.

The open wounds not fully healed, I'll tie those to my emotional state. Feeling of acceptance coming home, probably tied to friends. Being naked is probably having to do with a sense of vulnerability.

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