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Roasting friends and copious alcohol

The roast of taucross was a really unique and fun experience. A combination of a wide variety of abundant and esoteric alcoholic beverages and a lot of very funny and creative people made for an evening of laughter and mayhem that still has me hurting from laughing so much. And it was nice to see friends that I haven't seen in a while, even though I was having some social anxiety. I did loosen up a bit toward the end of the night. Hopefully I will get over this, as it was really a lot of fun, and Barb and I were marveling after we left just how many wonderfully talented people we know.

Another mousie down. I just caught him rooting around in the trash can, and was able to herd him into a plastic tub I have reserved for just this purpose. That makes a total of four, and I think this is the last one. I guess we'll see.

Off to the Hennepin County History Museum today to shoot some video. Barb has been doing some volunteer work there, and has been cultivating the curator into considering exchanging some video work in exchange for letting us use the museum as a location when we shoot movies. It's in an old mansion, so it has some rather exquisite and creepy atmosphere, which is perfect for what I wanna do.

Finished the rough of one script last night. I still need to time it out, then figure out how to do a rather elaborate puppet. Much goings on in the near future.

Spamcount is way up today. 87 messages caught by the spam filter, another 10 or so that made it through, and one real message. And I don't know why, but I am now receiving Russian spam. Talk about targeted e-mail advertising...

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