Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


I woke up this morning with an image in my head that I really want to use in a horror film. I know exactly the circumstances that it needs to be used in, but I don't have a story that would quite allow for those circumstances. I have one that is close, but not close enough to be able to make this work.

Lotsa crap happening at once. With the house, I have to get plans in to the permit office with enough advance time so they can approve them before we start construction. Which means my schedule is gonna be extremely tight to draw up plans with that kind of detail and get them submitted and approved before we start on the 9th of October.

I have to get a copy of my birth certificate and get a passport.

Work is being a PITA.

Putting preliminary job feelers out for when the contract ends. Good thing is that there seems to be some serious activity in the market.

And there is some other more personal stuff which I really don't plan to talk about. Not because it's secret or anything, but because it's just not in the least bit entertaining or interesting to anyone else but me.

My mood varies a lot from day to day. I haven't got it pinned down to a cycle or anything yet, but there are days when I feel absolutely alone and empty and I fear that I will become a desperate loser. Other days (like today), I am fine, strong and confident, and I have the patience to make it just fine.

I miss my friends.


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