Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Depraved lurkers fidgeting,
Chrysanthema sans petals cry
Invisible in the darkness...

My mind takes me to some dark places.

This flash of an image I had earlier is starting to swell, to expand into a couple of characters and a conflict. I'm not quite sure from where the conflict comes yet, but it is definitely dark and surreal.

Times like this I wish I could just go home and sit in the dark and listen to weird atmospheric music and just let the muse come and fondle me.

She is sweet (my muse), but she is dark and luxurious as well. I need to feed her and caress her and pay attention to her, or she withers into a wrinkled old crone and gets all bitchy. And there is nothing worse than a bitchy muse.

Right now she is tugging at my brain. She wants to play.

If anyone remembers, there was a show on FOX a few years ago caled "American Gothic". One of my favorite characters ever was on that show-- Sheriff Lucas Black. One of the characters that has popped into my head is sort of a cross between him and Freddy Krueger, kind of like if Lucas Black had power in the realm of dreams.
Or when dreams start to bleed into reality.

Oh, this is gonna be fun...

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