Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Serious meme...

1) How do you find out what's really going on without either making a fool of yourself or making other people uncomfortable?
I'm usually really intuitive. I have grokked the end of two relationships that way, but other times I am completely oblivious. Part of it is body language, part of it is latent psychic ability. :)

2) How is your balance in terms of logic vs. intuition? In other words, how much weight does each have in your decision making?
For decision making, I'm much more logic. For awareness that a decision has to be made, intuition. Usually it's a blend of intuition to see the bigger picture, and logic to analyze it down into manageable pieces.

3) Do you go by feelings or by what you know from experience?
Experience. Feelings are very flighty and inaccurate. I most often follow the "little voice".

4) Do you trust your gut reaction, or have to think things through?
I'd much rather think things through, but sometimes reaction is the only option. Still, it's necessary to take action.

5) Do you let your imagination rule you, or is it more important to see how things really are?
Imagination rules creativity. Creativity is my life.

6) For that matter, is there a reality at all?
Reality is different for everyone. It's all a model that you create in your own head of what is "out there", and everyone's head is different.

7) They might be giants. But are they just windmills?
Sometimes they are giant windmills. Takes a lot of tilting.


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