Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Boobies and cadavers

The early morning intrudes the mundane world on my happiness.

In the shower this morning, I was having many thoughts about story ideas, developing characters and story elements, and I was happy. That pretty much carried me through until I was actually in the car and driving, and it was perfectly manicured green lawns and sprinklers and the short-attention-span morning radio show, and the happy just evaporated like yesterday's milk.

Last night when I went to bed, I was confronted with the oddest sensation: the desire to feel boobies. Lasted maybe five seconds, then I was asleep.

Yeah, okay, that may not seem all that odd to you, given my circumstances. But I am not a boob man, and I haven't had that specific desire for over 15 years. This was very specific. Gentle, soft caresses, and a smooth shape. Completely out of any context whatsoever.

I have noticed an odd trend in the movies that I want to make. The protagonist is always a woman. Perhaps it's because I think of women as being more sensitive, more open to the supernatural, more believable in those situations. And they are always isolated, singled out in some way that makes them different from all the others.
I don't know that that actually has any meaning, I just find it interesting.

This image came into my head yesterday: a woman wakes up in her bed, and turns over only to find a really gruesome corpse laying next to her, maggots crawling out of its eye sockets. She screams and jumps out of bed, and the corpse is gone, like it was never there, like it was the leftover from some nightmare.

She is of course freaked.

The moment has a quality to it that I really like, where the dream world is starting to "pierce the veil" and flow into reality. It allows for so many interesting possibilities.

The thing that I don't have is why this is happening, and more specifically why this is happening to her.

I think that there needs to be a character that is somehow causing these things to happen, or is taking advantage of something that allows his power to grow. This is where the Lucas Black/Freddy character comes in. Someone who has power in the realm of dreams.

It could be something very Gaiman-esque, where that character exists in the realm of dreams. Or it could be more mundane where the character exists in the "real" world but has power in dreamtime.

But then why the corpse? It is very iconic, particularly in dreamspace, and that iconography leads somewhere. And it comes from somewhere.

And then I am stumped.

It's the germ of a idea. It may morph into something different, or it may fester and grow into something all on its own, or it may get chained to other ideas. Or it may just sit there unfulfilled.

Now multiply that by a hundred. A hundred different ideas, images to process and fester and morph and chain and wither and die.

That's what it is like inside my brain.

Well, that and the cool music.

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