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Calibration Aesthetics

I forgot that I have to get a mailbox. Right now there isn't anyplace to put the mail, since the front porch is gone. Ah, well, it can wait until Saturday I suppose.

And I should remember to bring back the vaccuum cleaner from the house so I can vaccuum the apartment. The carpets aren't bad, but there's enough small bits of lint from socks and laundry that I should give it a good once-over.

Tonight is a packing night, prepping for the trip back home tomorrow. Laundry, getting everything core-cleaned, taking out the trash, making sure there isn't anything spoilable left in the 'fridge, putting away the dishes from the dishwasher... and taking a break at 8:00 to watch CSI. :)

That lets me leave directly from work, and I can get back home around 9:00. Gives me a litle decompression time before going to bed. Otherwise I have to drive back to the apartment and leave from there, which minimally costs me a half hour; more in traffic.

I called for reservations to go see the MOCW show at the BLB on saturday. Sweet Natalie is in it, and I've never gotten to see an MOCW show live, and I really don't want to be working after 7:00. This will force me to stop early enough to shower, which puts a hard limit on my time and keeps me from screwing myself into the ground.

It may mean that I spend some extra time on Sunday, and get back here late. I can swing that if I need to.

Hmm... maybe I should hit Target on the way home and get some more plastic storage bins. I have a feeling I'll need them. I already have plenty of trash bags. I'll have to wait until next week to get shelves.

I'm torn about wanting to go home this weekend. I want to stay down here and get some rest, but I need to be up there to get some stuff done while we have the dumpster. Duty wins out.

I'll be back up the next weekend to install the boiler. Then a weekend off (maybe going to KC), then up for nine days to rebuild a porch. And I have to draw up the plans and get them approved first.

It's gonna be a busy, busy month.

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