Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Kicked some cleaning ass today with major help from saveau and Barbitol.

The One Room is nigh unto empty, and awaits a serious cleaning spell, and the lavender room has most of the horribly obnoxiously mildew & mold infested shit gone from it. And the dumpster is mostly full.

I did a lot of preliminary sorting of stuff, and did pretty good at throwing away crap. Still some crap left, but ran into an old college paper that smacked me upside the head with the way things turned out. Hard to put into words, but basically I lost a war that I was fighting back then, and had forgotten.

Went to see the Ministry of Cultural Warfare show at the BLB, and it was quite good (though shorter than I would like). Natalie kicked serious ass, and I may have a thing for Leigha Horton.

Since the show ended early, I had enough time to go to Micro Center and get a new camera. I couldn't find a salesperson for a freaking hour. The store closed, and I was still there. I probably should have left, but I need the camera tomorrow morning.

Got home in enough time to piss Barbitol off.

Tomorrow I must measure the porch and take pictures, remember to take the amp and speakers, and head back home.

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