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Well, I'm mack home in Des Moines.

I am really beginning to hate the drive every weekend. If I could think during the drive, it would be fine-- but this time there was traffic, and it was unpredictable, and I had to concentrate more.


I am considering making the Room Where No One Walks a priority in the purging schedule. It would make that room useful, and solve the problem of not enough beds to go 'round (though that won't solve the deeper problem).

Either that, or the studio, and I can move the bed up there temporarily.

Neither one is easy. Where the One Room went relatively quickly, it turned out to be mostly empty boxes. The Studio is pretty full, and it is a mixed bag of stuff, about a third of it is Barb's.

I should probably organize the workshop first. I know several things will be going down there from the studio, and it would be nice to have a real place to put it and not just have it in piles.

We managed to make a pretty good-sized dent in the second dumpster. There is still a bit more room left, and saveau will be doing some additional filling, but there is still a whopping lot more to go through.

And then there will be the cleaning. Oy vey, the cleaning.

The One Room is almost entirely empty but for one box and a large rack. It needs to be emptied, sprayed down with bleach and scrubbed, and wet-vaccuumed. And ideally the foundation wall sandblasted and hydro-patched. I should wire up a switch for the light as well, but that's a really quick thing.
For the sake of time, I may just get a buttload of 1/2" styrofoam and glue it up to the walls, and save the sandblasting for some other time. That would make it more user-friendly at least.

Then there is the lavender room. This is the room that had a ton of mildewed clothes in it. Unfortunately, it also has stuff (on shelves) in it, so cleaning it won't be as easy, but it most definitely needs a full-on bleach spray to kill the mildew.

We really did some major work this weekend. It is daunting because there is so bloody much to do, but it doesn't all have to be done at once.

Rick-- if you get a chance, can you get the tape measure and measure the dimensions of the One Room in the basement? If not I can catch it on Friday.

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