Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

depletion zone

I am definitely disgruntled today. I'm in a cranky mood, and work isn't exactly helping.

I will do the walk to the grocery store tonight. I've temporarily switched that to mondays while I am going home on weekends because it works out better to have most of the spoilable food gone by thurdsay. Normally I take the cell phone with me on the walk, but I'm thinking that being unavailable for an hour won't exactly kill me.

Now it's looking like I will be here at Des Moines through the end of April, based upon the presentation that I saw today. That gives me a birthday present of being able to go home. Still haven't received the official word though.

CAD drawing tonight. Mostly transferring the rough measurements of the old porch so that I have a base to work from, and depending on how that goes, actually starting on the post layout and framing.

It's like my work-away-from-work.

The CAD skills won't be useless by any means. They carry through quite well into various mechanical designs that I have in mind. And of course any remodeling plans that I have to draw in the future. I do wish that the 3D interface was more user-friendly, because I like modeling in 3D. It cuts down on mistakes matching plan to elevation drawings.

Thinking I might build another foamcore model. I built one for the shed, and it definitely pointed out some things to watch for-- but those things are not really applicable to the porch. My base width and depth are fixed, and my ceiling height at the house is pretty much fixed as well. The location of the door is fixed (unless I want to do a buttload of chiseling concrete, and no thanks).

It is however a good visual tool.

I did take pictures. Those will help immensely. I can do some quick overlays of CAD designs to see what looks the most pleasing. Symmetry is a wonderful thing.

Yeah, I'm trying to get myself excited about doing this. It's cool when it's mostly done, but the drudge work up front is ugly. Just like sex.

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