Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Unreasonably, I am hungry. I just finished lunch. Why am I still hungry? I had a decent salad. I don't want to be snacking because the only snacks available are pretty much junk food, yet I am hungry.

Hungry, I tell you.

I had my oil chanced at lunch today, and got the A/C refilled. While I was there, they told me that I probably should have my transmission fluid and transfer case fluid changed, which I just had done in the spring by another place. I need to find the receipt from the original place and perhaps do some confrontation about what work was actually done vs. what I paid for.

While I was getting the car serviced, I read Cosmopolitan. They have a bunch of perfume samples in the magazine. I now smell like I visited a seedy massage parlor. It's not bad, but I can see where if I was partnered with a suspicious woman, there might be an issue. (No, really honey, while I was getting the car serviced, I read Cosmo! I swear, that's all it is!)

Why do they do samples like that? With so many in the magazine, it all ends up as a big melange that smells almost exactly the same every month. Perfume and printer's ink. Like some slutty Sears catalogue.

Financial planning for the next couple of months looks pretty damn skimpy. Taxes, the porch, house payments & rent and bills are sucking the life out of the income. Out of my next two checks, 92% of the money is already earmarked. It gets a little better after that, but not a lot. And that is not a detailed accounting-- I haven't really allowed for medical expenses and the like.

Essentially through the end of the year, I have no spare money. Suck!

That also means that the windows for the porch will be waiting until next year, so the porch will definitely be cold this winter.

It also means that I won't have any savings left. Everything has gone into fixing the house (materials, labor, & tools), taxes (egad), and the apartment (rent, utilities, furniture, etc.).

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