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It's all slimy!

I look like someone snuck into my apartment in the middle of the night and beat me with a raccoon.

Bill has a cold. He took the day off of work yesterday, but I think he was contagious for a couple of days and I may have caught it. I'm all sneezy now (though I think it might be hay fever from the fall pollen), ad my siduses are all sduffed ub.

Driving back to the 'Cities tonight. Yet again. This time to install the boiler so that we will actually have heat this winter without having to resort to space heaters. I know that I'll have to get some additional supplies tomorrow morning, but hopefully they will be minimal. There is one specialty part that I need: a three-way electrically controlled valve, which I can't get at 'Nards or the Depot. I hope that I can get it this weekend; it should be pretty standard-issue at a hydronic heating supply place, but I don't know specifically where I can get one.

Actually, the ideal thing would be a thermostatic balancing valve, but I can't find one in the temperature range that I want. With the electrically controlled one, I can make a sensor that I can set to whatever temperature I deem appropriate. Seeing as I do control systems engineering among other things, I understand how it works, y'know. :)


Sep. 24th, 2004 02:59 pm (UTC)
Re: Dibs!
I do, and I will.

This weekend is pretty much full of installing a boiler, but you're welcomr to come over and hang with 'da boyz' and share a beverage and comments about the gross basement. :)

After that it will be porch building, which I think will still be that week of the 8th-17th. I'm pretty open evenings then.

Heading out to drive in about 5 minutes.

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