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Work in progress

As requested, one picture of the zombie head in progress.

It's not very far along; this is only the first bit of painting. Only the mouth/jaw area will be visible in the end, so I paid some special attention to the teeth.

The eyes and nose are darkened so that when the final material is added, there will be a darker shade to the hollows of the eyes and nose. And you can see a tiny bit of the original gray plastic at the tip of the nose-- I'll have to retouch that. Oops.

The calvarium cut is annoying, but that is the way that these skulls come. In the end, you won't see it because it will be covered with "flesh", and probably hair. If I was going to have exposed bone, I'd probably get some epoxy and glue, fill, and sand it down before painting.

It's really hard to get a good picture using the on-camera flash. When I have more time, I'll try and do some more detail shots with better lighting.

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