Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Does a Decatholic believe in the Ten True Gods?

Invigorating and industrious, the beaver swims its way through the rocky brine in search of its mate.
When he finds her, she is completely shorn of all of her fur. She is embarrased, and tells the story of how she was kidnapped by some rough-looking Voyageurs who proceeded to perform some strange rituals where they forced her to drink some sort of fermented beverage, shaved her fur, then began taking turns licking her with their tongues until their crazed lust was sated and they fell asleep. While they snored, she escaped.
The male beaver is understandably upset, but strangely accepting of her new look, and consoles her in the way that beavers do.

Humming the tune "Bridge Over Troubled Water", Larry found himself coincidentaly on a bridge, and he felt compelled to look over the side. The water did indeed look troubled.
"Why, water", said Larry, "Why do you look so troubled?"
"I seem to have misplaced my car keys", the water replied.

Christian used to snore until his wife discovered duct tape.

Speculum the Troll lived under a bridge in Wisconsin. Nobody liked Speculum because he was ugly and mean and nasty and he smelled bad.
One day, a young girl named Alice was skipping along the path when she came to the bridge. Speculum jumped out, for little girls were his favorite food.
"RAWRRR!" roared Speculum. "I am an ugly, mean, nasty, smelly troll!"
Alice was momentarily taken aback, but then her curiosity got the best of her.
"What are you going to do to me?" asked Alice.
"I am going to EAT you!" said Speculum.
"Okay" said Alice.
And they've been fast friends ever since.

Brandy was a fine girl, but she always had problems with sailors.

In case of a "water landing", your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device.
Let me think about this. 27 tons of plastic and steel racing toward the water from 37,000 feet... I don't think "landing" is an appropriate term.

Hurley Cammembert used to drive a taxi in Philadelphia, until that one fateful day.

Once every seven years, the Wikosha Lemmings drive themselves in herds off the red cliffs of Wikosha and into the waiting jaws of the Lemming Whale.

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