Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


As it turns out, my friend Paul (of the Dead Zone), his wife Corey, and his brother Mark will all be coming down to KC this weekend, and we're gonna go a-haunting on Saturday night together. This is very exciting news, because I haven't seen these folks for a very long time (Paul didn't get back from Afghanistan until after I had moved down here, and Mark lives in Omaha).
The other thing is that I badly want to talk to Paul about some sort of a partnership. The Dead Zone won't be in operation this year for several reasons, the primary one being a lack of space. Paul neads a space seasonally, and trying to find someone that will rent a big space for just a couple of months is majorly difficult.
I want a studio space, but I can't afford to rent something year-round. And I know other filmmakers that are held back by not having space. If we could all get together and pool our resources, we might be able to find a useable space that would work year-round.
Don't know if it can work. But it is so very worth exploring.

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